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No dealing desk

No Dealing Desk Forex Execution

  • Multiple global banks, financial institutions, and other market makers compete to provide our traders with tight spreads

  • Anonymous Trading: Banks cannot see your orders

  • No restrictions on placing entry, stop, and limit orders -Trading Station allows for order sizes up to 50 million per trade. Traders have the ability to trade incremental sizes (multiple orders of 50 million for the same pair).

  • Receive Price Improvements on all orders.

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Real time signals and alerts

Real-time Signals and Alerts to help you trade

  • Get forex buy/sell signals and alerts in real time

  • Profit/loss for each signal is tracked live

  • Six different strategies are available, covering most market conditions

  • Open an account and get FREE currency trading signals

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Trading from charts

Trade from Charts

  • Create orders, Close live trades and Cancel orders from the charts

  • Over thirty popular indicators like MACD, RSI and MA. Over six hundred custom indicators downloadable online

  • Receive alerts when signals based on popular technical analysis techniques are generated

  • Specify a price level; receive an alert if that price is reached

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